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Welcome to our travel page! We are beyond excited to share experiences and the things we learn along the way with you.

Just like every other person out there, we like to treat ourselves. Our travels are our treats, and if you like travel we’d like to treat you too! First, let us introduce ourselves…

My name is Haley, born and raised on Long Island in the United States. My family always encouraged my sister and I to travel, see the world and make unforgettable memories. I have taken advantage of the opportunities I have had to travel as often as possible. Traveling has shaped my thought process so much and I’ve learned things I did not anticipate when I set out.

My other half is Piero, he is originally from Peru and luckily for me grew up on Long Island. He’s a beach and city lover and a great traveling companion. It is so helpful that he is bilingual, he speaks english and spanish. We are on a mission to travel the world, visiting beaches, castles, cities and so much more.

We traveled prior to meeting each other and have traveled a lot more now that we are together! From New York, Canada, Mexico, Peru and Italy to so many more destinations, we will guide you through our ups and downs. If you enjoy excursions, tours and beaches this blog is for you! Hope to inspire you to get out and see the world, even if it’s close by! Some of the best places are the ones we’ve visited close to home.

Other than our traveling tips, you will find food reviews and restaurants to try while visiting amazing places. We enjoys trying an array of cuisines locally and internationally. Hope your taste buds are tempted by the tasty treats we share!

Hi! Welcome to travel treats!

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