Enjoying Hershey

Hershey Park has been one of my favorite summer trips since I was three years old. The park has everything to offer, roller coasters, water rides, and Chocolate World! It doesn’t end there, nearby you will also find a zoo, Hershey Gardens and the Hershey Museum.

I’m very lucky to have family about a half hour away from the park. So I’ve had the pleasure of visiting the amusement park, the gorgeous Hershey Hotel, the sprawling Hershey Lodge, and most of the other amazing locations.

However, my boyfriend hadn’t been so lucky. He’d never been to Pennsylvania, let alone Hershey. When I found out, I quickly started planning a summer trip. Soon after, we left Long Island and began our four hour trip to visit my family.

The Happiest Place on Earth!

Piero drove the whole way so we rested for the night and woke up early the next day to go to Hershey Park! We started with water rides and then moved to roller coasters. It’s best to start with the water rides early because the lines are shorter and you have all day to dry off. No one wants to be shivering in the dark!

Hershey has plenty of food options and there are more to come! Their website features a couple new things that are coming to the park in summer 2020. A new roller coaster and Chocolatetown! We chose to eat at Nathan’s, so delicious! I haven’t seen a Nathan’s in a long time.

Hershey Park’s best feature, in my opinion, is Chocolate World! It’s more than just a candy store and gift shop. There are more dining options, a create your own candy bar experience and a free chocolate factory tour!


After a long day you can return to one of the amazing resorts Hershey has to offer. The Hotel is a bit more expensive, it’s very fancy and they host a lot of weddings and similar events. The Lodge is great, family friendly and a bit more affordable than the Hotel. Both are great options with spas, amazing dining, and activities for the night. Like family smores roasters!

Some of the best things about Hershey are the few original roller coasters they have, the chocolate of course and the kind staff!

Let us know if you have any questions!

Thanks for reading!

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