Washington DC is for Me (and you)!

Washington D.C. is one of my favorite places so far on the East coast. The food we had was amazing. It’s awesome to visit the monuments and museums. There is a lot to do!

This trip was initiated because my girlfriend of over twenty years, Eve, is a paralegal in the gorgeous district. We went to visit her because I hadn’t seen her in almost a year and Piero has never had the chance to meet her! The last time I saw her I was in DC with my girlfriend from college for the Women’s March. So it was a much needed visit for introductions and catching up!

We both drive Subaru’s and love them. This time we decided to take Piero’s WRX over my Impreza. The ride was great, about 4-5 hours from Long Island to Washington DC. Obviously depending on how long you stop, if you stop, how many times you stop etc. There is plenty to see along the way!

Neither of us took off early that Friday so we left after work. Normally we would have driven all the way through the four or five hours straight, maybe stopping for food in Midway. This time because we left after work, we stayed at a hotel halfway. There were plenty of restaurant’s in the small area, probably for the people like us just passing through. I was most excited about the cracker barrel across the parking lot.

We left our car in her parking garage. It’s a good idea to put your car in a garage overnight, but if not just be smart about what you leave visible. Got settled in her apartment and introduced out significant others, Piero and Dan.

Piero and I had toured all the monuments with family previously, so we didn’t end up going to that many. Eve and Dan had to take the puppy to the vet. So piero and I went to the Holocaust Museum for a couple hours. It was important to me for us to go. The Holocaust is a terrible part of human history, but cannot be forgotten. It is a huge museum and after you get through security, you might need a ticket depending on what you want to do. Tickets are needed from March 1 to August 31 to visit the Museum’s Permanent Exhibition. Tickets are not needed to enter the Museum or to view any other exhibitions. Check out their website for more info about planning your trip.

Then it was time for lunch! I am so happy she brought us to Union Market. The food was unbelievable! I am in love with the mussels in pesto from Rappahannock. We got drinks (and a snack) while we tried to figure out what to eat for lunch. When we decided, we all wanted things from different places! We split up and regrouped at a table with out food. I got a steak, pepper and cheese sandwich. Piero had pasta with cheese and chilli flakes.

After we went home to digest and planned our night out. We decided The Warf Marina was the place to go, and we were right. The docs had large swings and plenty of benches to sit at. It was beautiful and lined with bars! We stopped at Hanks Oyster Bar and walked over to get chinese food for dinner.

The next morning we woke up late and got brunch at Bistro Bohem. They were very accommodating to our lateness and I am so glad we were able to get a table here! It’s central european cuisine and it was delicious. Cooked perfectly, and there was do much food! I tried pork schnitzel for the first time, it’s very good. Eve got the chicken and waffles and loved it. Piero had the Nutella banana crepes, amazing. Dan’s omelette was also very good, as he reports. I wish I lived closer so I could visit again. Maybe next time!

We only had a short weekend so we had to leave after breakfast. It was great seeing my friend and meeting her boyfriend and also introducing mine! We had a wonderful time and can’t wait to go again. There is plenty to do here from monuments to food!

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